February 14, 2021
February Vintage Bike OC Meet
Suzuki Mr Turbo

Huntington Beach, Calif. - It was a breezy Valentine's Day afternoon today in Huntington Beach. We had a sparse group of vintage bikes, but a fairly good turnout for our first official meet in three months. 50 people came out to show their bikes and share the experience.

I ended the voting early today at 3:00 because people were starting to leave. I was concerned that we wouldn't have a qualifying winner. Just when I had decided that, Todd Cameron showed up with two bikes, a 1930 Velocette KSS and his 1930 BSA Soper. It was too late for Todd, the votes had been cast.

As it turns out we had a clear winner with Steve Zahner of Yorba Linda taking nearly every vote with his 1975 Kawasaki H1 500. There was a tie for second place with the few remaining votes.

Bike of the Month - Steve Zahner
Steve Zahner of Yorba Linda with his 1975 Kawasaki H1 500
Congratulations to first timer Steve Zahner of Yorba Linda for winning Bike of the Month with his 1975 Kawasaki H1 500. Steve won the Bike of the Month plaque provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.

Steve had recently "completed" the three year full restoration of this bike. It is his first restoration project.

Read all about Steve's 1975 Kawasaki H1 500 on our Bike of the Month page.

Second Place Tie - Tom Kimberly
Tom Kimberly of Mission Viejo with his 1982 Suzuki GS1100E Turbo
Tom Kimberly of Mission Viejo tied for Second place with his 1982 Suzuki GS1100E Turbo. Tom has owned the bike for 9 months and he bought it from the original owner. The bike had been raced at Bonneville and the dry lakes of California. The engine and turbo were set up by Don Vesco.

Second Place Tie - Baird Bergenthal
Baird Bergenthal of Midway City with his 1978 Cimatti
Baird Bergenthal of Midway City tied for Second place with his 1978 Cimatti. Baird usually shows up with a unique motorcycle, today was no exception. He's owned the Cimatti for 6 months.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this another great event. A special thanks to John Zindler for helping out with the voting today. Debbie and Tom Hopkins were unable to attend today, I look forward to seeing them again soon.

I'll see you all next month on March 14, 2021.

Keep On Ridin',
Joe Kagerer

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