August 1, 2007
Launch of
Orange County, Calif. - Vintage Bike OC launched the new web site today. The bike meet that was formerly known as Vintage Bike Night meets monthly in Huntington Beach California. Started in 2004 by Thomas Harper and Greg McBride the event has been ongoing for three years. The "bikenight" domain was lost in 2006, and the new domain owner is holding it for a very large purchase price.

VintageBikeOC is born. Since we now meet exclusively during the afternoon, the Bike Night name no longer makes sense. In order to add a geographical reference for Orange County, VintageBikeOC was created by Joe Kagerer. VintageBikeOC is open to all people, whether you own a vintage bike or not, you are welcome to register on the site and come to all the events.

Submissions & Suggestions
All submissions and suggestions for the web site are welcome. Please email Joe Kagerer, with any suggestions. Photo submissions should be sent via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the site. Please contact Joe for FTP instructions. Please do not attach large numbers of photos to email messages.
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August 1, 2007
Website Launch
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For more information about the web site or the event contact Joe Kagerer
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